Entry #1

Forcing my way into the Audio Portal scene

2008-01-04 12:22:04 by UberTrooper

Hey there! The majority of you probably don't care one way or another, but I feel it's my duty as someone who is awesome to report this. I have just now submitted my first Audio Portla submission and in my oppinion, it's quite kickin' rad. And of course, as you all know my oppinion is the only one that matters, so get yourselves over there and check it out. Or else.


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2008-01-04 12:43:27

Cool, you made your first audio submission, congrats. I also made one (check my profile) ;). The beginning started too slowly, but the rest was good. But this isn't techno :P

UberTrooper responds:

Bah, I have no idea what it would be defined as. I just chose whatever I felt kinda mabey sorta could potentially work.


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